Friday, June 29, 2007

Tea Party

I helped plan a Tea Party birthday party for the daughter of a friend of mine.

Party Colors: We did this party in all pink and white.

Invitations: Personalized Tea Pot or Tea Cup Invitation

Food: The food was little tea sandwiches on a pretty plate stand. Also, it's fun to have cupcakes instead of cake. All with pink and white icing. These can be displayed on a cupcake stand.

Craft: The craft was actually decorating a cup. These can be purchased cheaply at a Dollar Store, Ikea, etc. The girls had a great time decorating them. You can buy special pens at a craft store for this.

Games: Freeze dancing, Pass the parcel, Pin the cup on the saucer

The girls also brought their favorite doll and we had a separate table set up for the dolls own tea party.

As you can tell, this kind of party if for a girly girl.

Hope it helps.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wedding Table Names

For those of you who thought you had to just have Table 1, Table 2, etc at your wedding, think again. The trend now is to name the tables. I've had customers who have named them after places they went to when they met. Other customers who had a beach wedding and named them after NJ Beaches. It's so much more fun to find Cape May or Wildwood than Table 1 or Table 2. Think about it.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Got Questions?

If anyone has any questions regarding party planning, party ideas, menu ideas, party games, gifts, or just life problems. Let me know, I'm here to help.

Dr. Party Planner

Great Gift Idea

I dropped my daughter of to yet another birthday party. (Girls seem to go to a lot of them) We gave the birthday girl (she's 12) a personalized notecard set. She loved it. They are especially loved when the girl (or boy) have unusual names. So if you want to give a very loved gift, think about personalized notecards. Check out my website for other designs if you like the idea.