Saturday, June 23, 2007

4th Grade End of School Party

So not only did I have a 12th birthday party for my daughter on Friday but I also had an "End of Year" party for my son.
I am going to spread my knowledge on this subject.
I have been a Class Mom way too many time. I have always enjoyed it and am a little sad that soon I won't have anyone to do it for. After 5th grade, there is no need for a Class Mom. (sniff, sniff)

This year's party.

1. Relay race. Kids love it
2. Water Balloon Toss. Always a hit!!
3. Freeze dancing. Very silly.
4. Eating. Make sure you have plenty of food on hand. As a Class Mom you set the tone. My tone is always, eat as much sugar as possible. There's plenty of time to eat healthy, this is not one of them. I once worked with a Class Mom who's son was allergic to literally everything. She decided that because her son couldn't have it, no other child could either. It was one of the worst party years we ever had. I am very understanding of food allergies. My son is allergic to tree nuts and shrimp. I carry an epipen with me at all times, but, I do not expect the rest of the class to do without because of what he cannot have. So that having been said, kids love anything chocolate. Surprisingly if given a choice they also love cut up fruit and popcorn. So I alway make sure I have those options.

Also, remember to just be calm and let the kids and yourself enjoy it. They are only kids once.
Any questions or comments are welcome.

How to Plan a Pre-Teen/Teen Birthday Party

I thought I would pass on how to throw a party for a teen. I just completed a 12th birthday party for my daughter. She decided at she wanted 35 of her closest friends, including some boys. While some might think me insane (including my husband) I am now a hero in my daughters eyes. I had the party start at 6:00 p.m. and end at 10:00 p.m. This make 12 year old feel a little older. They were having such a good time, that they were all calling their parents and asking to be picked up later.

So here are some things I learned while throwing this party.

1. Think simple food. My daughter wanted finger foods (mozzarella sticks, pizza bagels, pigs in a blanket). They were a lot of work. No sooner had I brought one platter out, I was refilling it again. That's fine if you have help doing it. This party consisted of my husband and I. I should add that the kids LOVED the food. As a matter of fact, they wanted to know how I made the mozzarella sticks because they were so delicious. When I do this again, I would either get someone else to help (just cooking the finger food) or I would order pizza.

2. We had water balloons and water guns. What a huge hit. I made sure I informed people in the invitation that we would be having this so they could bring a change of clothes.

3. Outdoor Fireplace. I started that after the water balloon fight. They were able to warm up. They thought this was great. I then had s'mores they could make. As always, a huge hit.

4. We had karaoke. Although not everyone loves it, a large percentage does.

5. Dance, Dance, Revolution. I borrowed it from a friend. The kids love it.

6. We also have a trampoline and swing set. The kids kept themselves busy using both of these.

7. As far as decorations and paper products go, I just went with color. So the theme is color. Remember that all parties need a theme. No matter how large or small, there has got to be a theme. It makes planning easier.

The thing I learned about this party is that I didn't need to plan anything. What I mean by that is that I didn't need any planned games. They just did what they do best, Hang Out.

Hope this helps. If you have any question, just ask.