Sunday, July 13, 2008

Outdoor Movie Party

My daughter just turned 13. She still wants a birthday party but it get harder as they get older. No one wants to do crafts or anything that might be perceived as embarrassing to another 13 year old. Just the fact that her parents are present at the party is risky to her reputation. So I decided it might be fun to have an Outdoor Movie Party. I really miss being able to go to the "Drive-in". There was nothing more fun than family and friends packing up the car and hanging out watching a movie. So that's just what I did.

First I borrowed a movie projector. You can also rent them. I used a sheet against our swing set to project the movie on.

I decided that the food should only be drive-in movie food. We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and had chips and dip, nachos and lots of soda. The kids (21 of them) had a great time just hanging out and talking.

I did put out some things for them to do. I had a bean bag toss game, horseshoes and our trampoline. The trampoline, as always, is the most popular. I also set up a table with tattoos on them. These were tattoo designs for older kids so it was cool to use. I happened upon a sale at Michael's. It was a box of tattoos, body glitter and markers for $3.00. I went crazy and bought 2 boxes.

Once the movie started I brought out bowls of candy (Sam's Club) and popcorn in plastic popcorn containers (Dollar Store 2 for a $1.00). I had some beach chairs, comforters and blankets to sit on.

As far as favors, I had the kids take home their empty popcorn containers and I put loads of the candy in them. The kids where thrilled to get the plastic containers filled with candy.

I do have one tip for thank you cards. I always take a group picture at the party. I like to use that picture on my thank you cards. That way the kids get a second favor and a memory that they won't forget.

These movie parties are also great when you have a pool. There is nothing better than lounging in the pool watching a great movie.

I hope this helps.